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♡ about this girlie ♡

Name: Allysa or "Lysa/Lys"

Age: Twenty-One

Ethnicity: Filipino

Location: Los Angeles ✰ CA

Home: Disneyland Resort

Occupation: Goodie Girls Cupcakery

Loves: Makeup, R&B, Lakers, Daisies, Tattoos, Good Vibes, Traveling♡

Tumblr Established: June 2009

~ hello loves ~

welcome to my little outlet blog where i let you all into my mind which consits of many thoughts about life, friendships, relationships, sex, religion, current issues etc. Occasionally I'll post a silly, random story or a rant so look out for those too :) hehe enjoy my blog xoxo

Our day at Disney’s Cali Adventure :) 

Fun day with the siblings splurging with our Season Passes yet again!

Tue April 12
adventure california disneyland pictures season passes